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AMG Token Price Soars to 1,000x, Becoming This Year's Hot "10,000x Coin"

2023-10-25 21:43:20 Share

According to the latest data, the price of the AMG token has risen from $0.1 all the way to $105, creating a staggering 1,000-fold increase. This increase has attracted a lot of attention from the cryptocurrency community, pushing the AMG token to be one of this year's "10,000x Coin" candidates.
AMG tokens are passes to the Asta DAO ecosystem, whose vision is to create a utopian world of autonomous decision-making by fusing NFT culture, gamified finance, decentralised trading and innovative coin-issuing technology. This vision has attracted the active participation of creative minds and blockchain finance enthusiasts across the globe, driving the price of AMG tokens soaring.
Contract address: 0xc956cb798ffd180ff340de51d344e483e12b5951